LuckyTown -- Back Issues Archive

Gunnar Bittersmann has assembled a nice luckytown archive.

For a short time, I'm putting some months' worth below. My disk space is limited, so this stuff may disappear at any time:

Other than that, I don't recommend using this page yet, it's a waste of time because the sites are almost always busy. I'm also playing around with how to fetch files uncompressed, so not all the links are correct.

The LuckyTown Digest has been archived monthly since the digest format was adopted in April 1992, and the archive files are available on several ftp sites:

Below are pointer references to the files on Note that ftp access is limited, so if you get a server unavailable or server unreachable error message, you'll have to retry some other time.

LuckyTown Digest back issues by month:

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